About The Small Units At Self-Storage Facilities

17 February 2022
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People often think renting a storage unit is only for when they need somewhere to put a lot of items. However, so many don't realize they can rent a small storage unit when they need to store fewer items. This article will give you some information about small self-storage units you should be aware of. Here is more on these units: 

Small storage units can save you money

One of the most obvious reasons smaller storage units can save you money is because they cost less to rent since they are smaller. Also, some facilities have smaller units in places like on the second floor or in areas of the facility not easily accessible with a car. They offer those smaller units for better rates since they are in those less preferred locations. However, things like a unit being upstairs or where there isn't a great place to pull right up aren't such big deals when you don't have much to store. 

Small self-storage units still offer the same basic features

Some people worry they aren't going to have some of the same benefits when they rent a smaller storage unit, and they assume the larger units are catered to. However, this is not true, and you will be given all of the same basic features other renters are awarded. Your units will be protected with the same security the others are, you will hold the key to your own locked self-storage unit, and you will even have access to climate-control units that are small ones. 

Small self-storage units are convenient

When you put things into storage, you want it to be convenient. When you only have one good-sized item, a few boxes, or other smaller size loads, then a small unit can offer you that convenience. You can easily stack everything right where it can be protected for you. Small self-storage units are easier to clean as well. So, when you leave the facility for good, you won't have to worry about sweeping up a large unit just because you needed somewhere to keep a chair or something else. 


Now that you know more about small self-storage units, you will want to keep them in mind. This way, when you have the need to store something, you will know right where you can go. Your things will be stored, protected, and easily accessed while in a unit at a facility.

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