How Can Teachers Use Self-Storage For Their Classroom Supplies?

12 July 2023
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If you're a teacher and your classroom is getting cramped because you're storing school supplies in it, you can create some extra space by moving them into a self-storage unit. Self-storage is inexpensive and will give you a place to store classroom supplies when they're not needed. You'll be able to move all of the plastic bins and shelves you're currently using for storage in the classroom out of it to free up space. To learn how teachers can use self-storage for their classroom supplies, read on.

Use Storage for Seasonal Decorations

Holiday decorations can make your class room a more exciting and inviting place for your students, especially if you teach younger kids. Unfortunately, all of the posters and ceiling decorations can take up a lot of space when they're not in use, and you'll only need them at certain times of the year. Since you won't need to have them close at hand, seasonal decorations are a perfect candidate to put in self-storage. Label all of the decorations according to what season they're in to make sure you can find them all easily when it's time to hang them up in your classroom.

Keep Themed Material in Storage When It's Not Needed

Themed units help students become more engaged with what they're learning about. For example, you can focus on marine life when teaching students about biology and hang up posters or sea turtles and dolphins on your classroom walls. Like with seasonal decorations, the material for themed units can be put in self-storage when it's not in use. Once the unit is over and the class has moved on to a different topic, keep all of the material in self-storage so you can use it for the next school year.

Use Storage for Art Supplies When Your Students Aren't Using Them

If your classroom is small and you need to free up as much space as possible, it's a good idea to put art supplies like colored pencils, markers and safety scissors in a storage unit. Unlike with seasonal decorations, you'll need to be able to access these items easily since you'll be taking them out of storage frequently throughout the year. Store all of your art supplies in small plastic bins near the front of your self-storage unit so you can easily grab them before class starts when your students will need to use them.

Overall, the main benefit of renting a self-storage unit is that it gives you a place to store classroom supplies such as holiday decorations when they're not needed. Moving your supplies into a storage unit helps stop your classroom from becoming cluttered with numerous bins and shelves, and cutting down on clutter will make it easier to find school supplies you keep in your classroom when you do need them. If you're a teacher and you need to free up some space in your classroom, rent a self-storage unit and use it for your school supplies.