Long-Term Travel? 5 Reasons To Store Your Vehicles

17 November 2022
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Are you heading off on a long-term vacation? If so, you may want to add one thing to your to-do list: putting your car in storage. Why opt for self-storage for your unattended vehicle? Here are a few of the most important reasons.

1. To Prevent Theft and Damage

The number one reason to move your vehicle out of the driveway when you're gone is to prevent it from being stolen or vandalized. If you can't park it in a garage, lock it up in an off-site facility with security. This may even help protect the home since an unattended vehicle might alert thieves that no one is using it. 

2. To Rent Out the House

Many long-term travelers help fund their trip by renting out some or all of the vacant house to short-term tenants. This is a great idea, but you'll need to remove many of your personal and valuable belongings. Your vehicles are some of these valuables and deserve better protection. 

3. To Make Space for House-Sitters

Are you hiring a house-sitter or having a friend or family member watch your pets? If so, make extra room for them in the garage or driveway by moving at least one car or truck to a separate storage facility. This also means they don't have any extra responsibility for keeping an eye on it. 

4. To Prepare for Extreme Weather

Anyone traveling for a while during the rainy or cold season should be prepared for extreme weather events to happen while they're gone. If you can't protect your car from a hail storm, ice buildup, or windstorm, what will you do? Stow it in a covered, locked facility where you won't have to worry about what it's exposed to. 

5. To Avoid Annoying Neighbors

No one likes the neighborhood parking space hog. But if you leave all your vehicles behind or make parking space for house-sitters or renters, will your own vehicles take up public space? Will this annoy your neighbors or cause problems with street sweeping or trash day? Don't create conflict where you don't need to. Instead, just move one or more overflow vehicles to a storage space for the duration. 

Where to Start

No matter what the reason why one of your vehicles needs a temporary home during a long vacation, start by meeting with a secure self-storage facility in your area. Ask about their units designed specifically for vehicle storage. You may find that this simple addition makes your trip and your home less stressful.  

For more info about self-storage, contact a local company.