Effective Organization Methods Make Self-Storage Units More Accessible

26 July 2021
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Sometimes a person rents a large self-storage unit and plans to go there occasionally to find specific belongings. This individual might have needed to move quickly and is temporarily living in a smaller place. Another person may want less clutter in the home and decides to store all sorts of seasonal items in their storage unit. It's important for these people to be organized about how they pack everything in the unit. That way, they can find things quickly and avoid wasted time and frustration.

The Problem

Many individuals arrive at a self-storage facility with a truckload of possessions packed haphazardly. They have no plan about how to organize these items inside the unit. Some friends and relatives help, with everyone treating the project like time is running out. They want to pile everything inside as fast as possible and then go do something else.

A problem develops several weeks later. The renter wishes he or she had not taken a crockpot or other kitchen item to the storage unit. After arriving at the facility and opening the door, this individual faces a big pile of unlabeled plastic totes and cardboard boxes — making it hard to find what they are looking for. 


An effective organization method is keeping related belongings together. The person might place items according to the rooms they belong in or by categories of usage. One corner of the unit could be set aside for kitchen items. Another area could contain books, compact discs, and related inventory. Christmas supplies go in a specific place and camping gear in another. 


Labeling every box and tote prevents having to dig through containers to find certain items later on. People often think they'll remember, but that can be difficult as time passes. At that point, unlabeled containers will constitute a mystery.

Drawing a Map

Before moving anything into the unit, the renter might draw a map indicating where each type of belonging should be placed. Areas of the unit can be marked with printouts designating each one by category. The truck can be loaded in an organized fashion, with categories kept together. When everyone starts unloading things, it's easy to see where the various belongings should go. This also makes it very easy for the renter to figure out where a certain belonging is.

Concluding Thoughts

A self-storage facility is a welcome option for keeping a large number of possessions safe. When you handle the project in an organized way, it's easy to locate and access any belongings you want to get. To learn more, contact a self-storage facility near you.