Is Your Child Cyber Schooling? How A Storage Rental Can Help

21 August 2020
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Do you need to convert your living room, family room, kitchen, or other home area into a cyber schooling classroom for your child? If you don't have enough space for the setup, take a look at what you need to know about off-site storage options.

Why Should You Store?

Extra space is the obvious answer to this question. But it's not the only reason. If you're not sure whether you need a rental unit right now, consider:

  1. The size of your child's workspace. An over-sized desk or complex system of shelves and cubbies may make it difficult to keep the existing furniture in the new cyber schooling room.
  2. Video issues. Does your child need a clear area to set up a video chat schooling space? Clear the clutter and put it into self-storage.
  3. Your child's attention/focus. Will extra clutter distract your child from their schoolwork? Box or bin the distractions and put them into a rental unit.

A self-storage rental allows you to make space for your child's home schooling temporarily. When your child goes back to in-person school, you can bring everything home.

What Should You Store?

The answer to this question depends on which room in the house you plan to convert into a cyber schooling classroom. You'll need to make extra space to fit you child's desk/workspace, their chair, your chair, books/a bookshelf, school supplies, art supplies, and anything else they'll need to complete the next few weeks or months of learning at home.

While the specific items you store depends on your overall space needs, the amount of furniture already in the room, and the size of your child's new school setup, you may need to remove:

  1. Some types of furniture. Room staples (such as your child's bed, the living room couch, or the dining room table) can stay. But extra pieces can go into storage. Store unused end tables or coffee tables, additional seating (such as an extra armchair), and duplicate pieces.
  2. Home accents. The umbrella stand, coat rack, large ceramic pot, sculpture, or other home accent can also go into an off-site rental unit.
  3. Smaller decorative items. The throw pillows and table top picture frames may not seem like they take up serious space. But if these items clutter your child's desk or work area, they'll detract from the learning environment. Create a neutral space and remove these items for now.

Along with these items, you can also store unused school supplies. If you stocked up on pencils, paper, and crayons, use your rental unit to keep these items safe until your child needs them. Look for a storage facility near you.