4 Tips For Finding A Viable Storage Unit Within Walking Distance

5 August 2019
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When most people look to rent a storage unit from a facility, they go in with the idea that they will drive to store their belongings. However, you may be interested in a storage facility within walking distance and that allows for easy storage without having to deal with major obstacles. Following a few tips on finding a storage facility can help you choose a great and fitting facility.


One of the things that you will want to do before picking a facility is making sure that you have a paved sidewalk for the entire walk. You should avoid a situation in which you are forced to go onto the street to walk a considerable distance because it can lead to various complications.

Even better, you should not hesitate to demand sidewalks that are in excellent condition because cracked and damaged sidewalks will make it difficult to move possessions. Trying to pull a furniture dolly or hand truck across damaged and uneven sidewalk is not going to go smoothly.

Unit Floor

While most storage facilities with multiple floors have at least one elevator to go up and down, you do not need to be worried about an upstairs storage unit. Picking a bottom floor unit is ideal because you will find that it is much easier to carry a heavy box or furniture piece inside.

This will make walking from your home with your items not as difficult to handle knowing that you do not have to do any stair climbing with your belongings to keep your items safe.

Initial Offerings

When you sign up for a storage unit, you may come across some initial offerings depending on how long you are willing to stay. For instance, you may be able to get your hands on a moving truck that can provide a great deal of relief on putting certain belongings into storage. If you do not own a car, you get to save a lot of time by using another vehicle for putting items into storage.

Distance from Entry

As soon as you get to local storage facilities and take a tour around, you may find out how large some of these businesses are. To keep walking to a minimum, you should consider contacting storage facilities to find one with an available storage unit that is only a short walk away.

Using these tips will help you find a storage unit within reasonable walking distance.