How To Ensure Your Tires Don't Get Damaged In Storage

23 March 2018
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Your car's tires may look tough because they are in contact with the ground and bear the weight of the car at all times. However, the tires won't look that tough when you store them for an extended period without taking precautions to prevent their damage. Here are some of the precautions you should take to avoid tire damage in storage:

Clean Them Up

Dirt and grime on the tires will deteriorate the rubber and damage the tires. Therefore, clean and dry your tires so that you don't store them with dangerous dirt such as road dust, oil residue, fuel, and anything that may damage the tires. Use a tire brush for the cleaning; that way you get to clean every nook and cranny on the tires, such as the areas between the tire treads.

Wrap Them Up

There are two main reasons you should wrap up the tires with airtight materials. First, this prevents the lubrication compounds within the tire materials from escaping into the atmosphere. The tires need the lubrication materials to maintain their flexibility so that they don't deform easily. Secondly, wrapping up the tires protects them from moisture; moisture also accelerates the deterioration of tires.

Keep the Temperatures Low

Excessive heat contributes to the deterioration of tires in different ways. For example, the heat will evaporate the lubricating compounds in the tires and leave them susceptible to cracking. Therefore, ensure you don't keep the tires in heated places or anywhere they are exposed to direct sunlight.

Avoid Ozone Emitters

Ozone is a colorless unstable compound of oxygen with powerful oxidizing properties. Ozone is one of the most dangerous compounds as far as your tires are concerned; it can degrade tire materials faster than moisture or dirt and grime. Therefore, store your tires somewhere they won't be exposed to ozone gases. Common emitters of ozone gases include generators, furnaces, and electric motors, among others.

Avoid External Pressure

Lastly, ensure that no external pressure is exerted on the tires during storage. For example, you shouldn't place other items on top of the tires; if you must stack your goods in storage, ensure the tires are on top of the stack. External pressure will distort the tires, which would interfere with the smoothness of your ride when you start using the tires. Distorted tires also wear out pretty fast.

Of course, you also need a secure storage place where your tires won't be stolen, vandalized, flooded or burned down. A self-storage facility in your neighborhood can provide you with such a place. Contact a company like All American Mini Storage for more information and assistance.