Preventing Pests In Your Outdoor Self-Storage Unit

25 May 2017
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Outdoor self-storage units offer a convenient way to declutter your home, but they can sometimes be susceptible to pests. Fortunately, with the right preventative measures, you can help to reduce the chances of pests entering your storage unit. Here are just a few tips you can use to keep pests at bay.

Store Items Off Of The Ground

Keeping items stored off of the ground can make them harder for some pests to access. Store containers on freestanding shelving units, and place furniture on pallets to lift them off of the ground. You can also use S-hooks to hang some items from the ceiling, such as garment bags or camping tents.

Set Insect Traps

Whether you are concerned about ants or roaches, setting traps in your storage unit can be a convenient way to control potential pest problems. As your storage facility if it offers traps to customers, as you may find that some companies will provide them as part of your lease. If not, head to your local home improvement store to purchase the traps yourself. Place them in the corners and near the door of your unit to help manage these smaller pests.

Store Only Non-Food Items

If you rent a storage unit from an outdoor storage facility, avoid storing food items in your unit. Make sure that any kitchen accessories or camping/grilling accessories are thoroughly cleaned before being placed into storage, as even small amounts of food can attract unwanted visitors. If you are storing items that smell like food, such as scented candles, place them in plastic zipper bags, and then secure them in storage bins with secure lids.

Clean Your Unit Frequently

Small rodents, insects, and other pests like to make nests under piles of leaves or debris, so be sure to clean your unit regularly. If leaves blow into your unit from under the door, be sure to sweep them up. Use a shop vacuum to remove cobwebs and spider webs from the corners, and wipe down the shelves and surfaces in the unit. The cleaner your storage space is, the fewer places pests will have to hide.

Ask your storage facility about the measures it takes to control pest populations, such as hiring exterminators, and use these helpful tips to keep your items safe from pesky invaders. With a little work, you can reduce the chances of an annoying infestations in your storage space. For more information, check out Afford It Mini Storage