What Supplies Do I Need For Moving, Packing, And Storage?

2 March 2017
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When you are moving your belongings, whether it be to a new location or to a storage facility, there are some things to watch for when buying packing supplies. Here are some items to add to your list.

Moving Boxes or Plastic Crates

Your decision of whether to rent plastic crates or get moving boxes is dependent on your preference. When you rent plastic crates, you are guaranteed to have a sturdy container that won't bottom out. It's also great for the environment. It's more reliable for long-term storage where you need to stack multiple crates on top of one another. The crates are designed to lock into each other so that they are sturdier than a regular stack of cardboard boxes.

But at the same time, cardboard boxes may be cheaper than renting plastic crates, and they are reliable enough for a short-distance move. Just do yourself a favor and avoid picking up old boxes from a local store to use for your move. The risk of having a box bottom out and break many items within the box is high, compared to the small cost of buying or renting containers.

Packing Peanuts

The function of packing peanuts is to fill the space that's left over in the box after you have packed. It helps to keep items securely in place so that they can't jostle around and bump into one another.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap, on the other hand, acts as a padding primarily to one single item. It can protect that item from other items in the box. But it also works in reverse; items that have sharp edges that could damage other belongings should also be bubble wrapped.

Furniture Covers

You will also want some kind of furniture covers if you are planning to put your items in storage. During long term storage, you might find that your furniture tends to collect dust. The furniture covers prevent this. You could opt for actual plastic covers designed for furniture or use moving blankets as a way to protect these items.


Finally, rollers are useful for storage units. With a set of rollers, you can easily stack boxes to keep them in neat columns that are easy to move.

All of these packing supplies are generally available from your moving or storage company, so don't be afraid to ask for suggestions on items you are unsure of how to pack.