Tips For Storing Yard Equipment In A Storage Unit For The Winter

2 May 2016
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If you would like to free up space in your garage during the winter so you can park your car inside, you may want to consider placing your tools and yard equipment in a storage unit for the winter. This is one of the best ways to declutter a garage for the winter; however, there are steps you should take to stay organized and keep your items safe while they are in a storage unit during the winter months. Here are some tips to help you with this.

Remove Gasoline From All Equipment

The first thing to realize is that you cannot place gasoline in a storage unit. All types of hazardous fluids are prohibited from these units, primarily because they are combustible and this could result in a fire or explosion. By draining the gasoline from your equipment, you can also prepare them for use the next year. Old gasoline is not good to use in lawnmowers or other types of yard equipment. When you drain the gas from the devices, you can place new gas in them when you retrieve the items next spring.

If you have other devices that contain gas, you should empty those too. You can leave the oil in your lawnmower and other power tools, though. Without oil, these devices may begin to rust, and the oil will actually protect the devices from this.

Clean Your Equipment First

A second step to take before storing this type of equipment in a storage unit is cleaning the items. If you are going to place a lawnmower in the unit, it's important to remove all the grass and dirt from it first. If you don't, you will leave a mess in the unit, and you will be responsible for cleaning this up when you are finished renting the unit.

Cleaning your equipment prior to storing it is also a good idea because it helps you prepare the items for use. When you return in the spring to remove your tools and equipment, they will be ready for you to use them if they are clean. This may take time now, but it will save you time later on.

Use Garbage Cans For Storing Your Tools

Certain tools you have, such as rakes, brooms, and hoes, can be hard to store, simply because of their shape and size. If you have tools like this to store, purchase a garbage can and place them in it in your storage unit. This will keep the tools organized, and they may take up less space in your unit by storing them in this way. 

Roll Up Garden Hoses

If you have garden hoses in your garage, you could use your storage unit for those too. If you plan to do this, make sure you take the time to carefully roll up the hoses. As you do this, try to empty out all the water from the lines before you roll them up. Next, proceed to roll them up evenly so there are no kinks in the lines. This will prevent damage to the hoses, such as dry rot, plus it will help them hold their natural shape easier.

Use Plastic Totes For Smaller Items

Finally, you should purchase some plastic totes or tubs to use for the small items you want to store. This is a great way to keep the items organized, and you can even label the totes so you can find the things you need easier and faster in the spring. You may want to use totes for your power tools, small gardening tools, and garden hoses.

Using a storage unit in the winter months is one of the best ways to have space in a garage for your car. If you would like more information on storage unit sizes and prices, contact a storage unit facility in your area today, such as National Self Storage - Denver, to schedule an appointment to see your options.